Hot Button Political Issues

The United States has been mostly a two party government for centuries. Such an environment leads to heated national debates on a core set of issues. Each party stakes out one side of the issue stir up animated discussions. Check out our overviews of the most debated issues of the day.

  • Abortion Debate - For decades, pro life and pro choice groups have used every Presidential election to sound off on the abortion issue.
  • Illegal Immigration - A combination of 9/11 security measures as well as increasing economic protectionism have made the immigration debate front and center the past few years. Pat Buchanan and Lou Dobbs lead the debate in the media while George Bush draws from his experience as a border state governor to come up with innovative strategies.
  • Iraq War - "Mission Accomplished"? I don't think so. Thousands dead, a growing insurgency, failed intelligence, and no end in sight make this issue a favorite for Democrats.
  • Pay as You Go Budgeting - The country does not seem to control itself financially when the same party controls both Congress and the White House. But when the power is split, balancing the budget becomes in vogue since there is inevitable gridlock anyway.
  • Tax Cuts and Supply Side Economics
  • - Thanks to Ronald Reagan, Republicans have an excuse to cut taxes on the rich. They can claim that Supply Side Economics help the poor more than the union subsidies that the Democrats like to pass.

  • Universal Healthcare - Every election cycle we hear about the forty million uninsured citizens. There are no shortage of proposed solutions, but none are guaranted to work.

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